A Trip to the West End


I live in the city centre of Glasgow which is an amazing area for students – everything is at your doorstep. But it means a lot of the time, you can miss out on the other areas of Glasgow such as the West End, so I thought I’d spend the day exploring and seeing what it’s like.

Kelvingrove Park

Started off by going for a walk around Kelvingrove Park. Thankfully the weather was on our side and we managed to see it at its best. The park itself was quite quiet but proved itself to be a really nice place to relax in between all the stress of university

Kelvin grove Art Gallery and Museum

Next stop was Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. I’d visited here before but due to the size of it, hadn’t gotten a chance to fully look around. Now, I’m not the exactly a history geek but this place was really fun to look around and it was easy to loose track of time and spend hours in their.

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Concerts Concerts Concerts

I thought this week I’d look at 5 different venues around Glasgow that are known to attract, not just students, but people from all over Britain and the world.

1.The Hydro

I’ve been to two concerts at this venue and both have been a m a z i n g. From the outside, it looks like a massive, almost dome-like object and it certainly looks just as big from the inside. The first concert I went to (Arianna Grande) was seated, which at first I was a little disappointed by, but once we got into the Hydro itself, it was clear that the seating wouldn’t be an issue. For the second (Imagine Dragons) however, I was standing. This was an amazing experience as from standing in the stalls you could get a 360 view of the entire place.

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[All Images my own]

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LGBT+Society in Glasgow

Thought I’d do something a little different for this post and look at the LGBT society in Glasgow and how they are represented. I wanted to do this because I know a lot of people within this society of people, and I also think it is an important topic to cover, particularly from a students point of view.

Since moving to Glasgow I’ve learned a lot about the LGBT+ community and met a lot of people. Coming from a small town, its a topic that isn’t spoken about as much and I’ve seen what under-representing this community can do to someones self-esteem and confidence. But I have to say, it is much better in the city.

Scottish Queer International Film Festival

There’s a lot of events held throughout the year to celebrate the community as well as raise awareness for the issues people face on a daily basis. Some include the Scottish Queer International Film Festival which encourages the production of queer films and celebrates their success.

Glasgow Pride

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 21.05.07
Photo Credit – Glasgow Pride website

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A Day in the Life of a Media Student

So I’ve been trying to think of new ways that I can show case Glasgow as being a great student hub and it came to me – what better way to show you Glasgow student life than through my own daily experience?

Don’t get me wrong, not EVERY day is like this. In fact, a large amount (more than I’d like to admit) consist of me cocooned in bed, hiding from my ever-growing list of responsibilities.

So lets get started.


Groggy. It’s time to get up after a slight ‘heavy’ night, you could say. I do the usual – shower, brush teeth, make self mildly presentable to the public etc.

After that I check emails and the various social medias I partake in, over breakfast.

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T h e 1 9 7 5

This blog is a little different but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to talk about such a great concert!

Kicking things off with Love Me from their new album and closing it down with The Sound, I can tell you this concert was perfect from start to finish and with tickets only costing around £25, it was perfect for my student budget.

Venue – The O2 Academy Glasgow.

I had never been there before and from going to concerts in the Hydro, I kind of assumed this wouldn’t be as good. I have to admit, it was the perfect place for this kind of concert. Although it is much smaller than the Hydro its still big enough to get the ‘concert feels’ but small enough that the whole thing felt intimate. We were stood on an upper level of the floor so, although we were further from the stage, it gave us the perfect view of the stage and band.


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Cheap as Chips

For this blog, I thought talk about some of the best (but most importantly, cheapest) places to eat in Glasgow, for students on a budget.

Lets start with the two I feel every student can rely on:

Greggs and Subway

After a heavy night of er… studying… you know that heading to either of these to places will breathe life back into you. The price is also a bonus – a sausage roll and cup of tea for under £2, or a whole sub, drink and cookie for £3.50? Yes please.


I’ve only visited this place once but I will definitely be returning soon. It’s a little underground bar that serves food and is host to live musicians – all in all, the atmosphere is great. On top of the fun vibes they also do themed food days and the prices are pretty cheap. Here are some of the deals they do during the week:

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 13.46.04
Photo Credit – Bloc+ Website

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Broken Beds, Cracked Walls

We’ve all heard horror stories about student accommodation – cold showers, temperamental heating and that one flat mate everyone avoids. I’ve definitely been lucky with the fact that theres only a handful of unidentified stains on the walls and all my flat mates are relatively normal, functioning members of society.

Of course there has been a few… hiccups… during my first year living in student halls.

The showers for instance.

I’m lucky enough to have an ensuite room so don’t have to share with any of my flat mates however the showers can definitely be temperamental to say the least. One morning you could have the perfect shower, the next, satan himself pours from the pipes.


Doesn’t look bad does it? It’s a trap. (Own Image)

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